Chad Weller and the ultra distance

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Chad Weller is a Miami-based ultra athlete and running coach. The Ohio native has been an athlete since he was a kid and competes in the 50k, 50 mile, 100k, and 100 mile races both in the US and internationally. This last year he finished his first 100 mile race, in the Florida Keys, and recently his second one in 29 hours and 44 minutes in the rolling hills in Mohican, Ohio. Ergodynamic has been talking to him about ultra distance, what motivates him and the challenges he would like to achieve in the next future.


How would you describe ultra distance?
Ultra distance is any distance over 26.2 miles.

How is the training involved for ultra distance?
Training is putting in a lot of miles. Mine mostly in trails, mixed with yoga and cross training, up to a 180 miles in a week. During the weekends I like to do back to back long runs 5 to 6 hours each day.

What would you recommend or what advice would you give to ultra-distance runners in order to avoid injuries?
I always recommend for ultra runners to listen to there body’s. I always work on my form, stride and technic. Understanding your Nutrition is one of the biggest ways to be successful, and run 100 miles.

In your opinion, is everyone capable of doing it?
I believe anyone can do it but it will take a lot of training and heart to get to the ultimate goal. Its no joke to go out and run for almost 30 hours straight.
What motivates an ultra-distance runner and how is his/her mindset?
What motivates me is me staying inspired every run. Running can be a very egotistical sport but I have found my tool staying inspired I feel has gotten me through every race and every run. Passion is key but when you believe you feel like you can help make a difference in someone’s life through just one step, or one race gives you energy and confidence that you will get through all the pain.

Do you think there is a limit in the human body?
Yes I believe there is a limit on human body but what that is I don’t know. I know I can go longer than 100 miles.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
My biggest challenge so far has been, as a Professional Ultra runner I have taken on harder races and longer races. I am also a running coach where I run with a lot of my client’s finding that balance with running is something I am still learning but it’s working-out great so far.

What are your next challenges you would like to achieve?
I am looking to start my own foundation for kids and family’s around the world. I work with Prevent Child Abuse America now planning some fundraisers. I am always looking for more sponsors to team up with. I am a motivational speaker as well,I really love getting across my story, this is a huge part of my running and staying true to myself. I will announce my next race in a few days.


Here is a list of Chad´s accomplishments and upcoming schedule:

• 1st in Age & 5th Overall – Everglades 50m 2014
• USA Track & Field Championships 2014
• Finisher – Keys 100m 2013
• Top 25 – Thailand 100K 2013
• 9th place – Keys 50m 2011

2014 Race Schedule:
• February – Everglades, FL 50 mile
• March – Palm, FL 50 mile
• April – Wild Sebastian, FL 50 mile
• May – Bear Mountain, NY 50 mile
• May – Down to Earth, FL ½ marathon
• June – Mohican, OH 100 mile
• August – Breckenridge, CO ½ marathon
• September – Romania, 100k
• October – Yellow Stone, WY 50 mile
• December – North Face Endurance Championship CA 50 mile


Ergodynamic is committed to helping others

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Helping others is very easy and by making a small effort you can make a huge impact. Ergodynamic would like to raise public awareness about the problems that thousands of children and people with disabilitiessuffer every day. Therefore, we are very happy to announce that we were sponsorsof the 2014 Easter Seals Annual Golf Fiesta that took place on April 30th 2014 at The Club at Emerald Hills in Hollywood, FL and also the 2014 “Make a Wish Southern Florida” 5k run/walk on  May 4th at the Parrot Jungle. Ergodynamic was present at both events supporting thesetwo great causes.

Every year, approximately 27,000 children are diagnosed with a medical condition that makes them eligible for a Wish experience. Walk for Wishes is powered by Wish families, volunteers, donors and friends. Walk for Wishes is a nationwide Make-a-Wish fundraiser that celebrates the thousands of wishes that have already been granted, while raising funds for future wishes. By participating in one of the 75 walks held throughout the country, you can help bring the life-changing impact of a wish to children battling life-threatening medical conditions in your community.

Since 1980, Make-a-Wish has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work. From its humble beginning, Make-a-Wish now grants a wish every 38 minutes, making a life-changing impact on not only wish kids, but also families, friends, donors, sponsors and sometimes even entire communities.

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Likewise, Easter Seals has been offering help, hope and answers to more than a million children and adults living with autism and other disabilities or special needs and their families for the last 80 years. Whether helping someone improve physical mobility, return to work, or simply gain greater independence for everyday living, Easter Seals offers a variety of services to help people with disabilities address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals.

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Together we can all make the world a better place. You can join them and help in so many ways. For more information visit or .





Runners worst enemy: Shin-splints

“Shin splints” is a chronic injury common in active individuals of all ages. This injury is often seen in runners, bicyclists, and athletes of a wide variety performing repetitive movements.  This causes recurring micro-trauma to the soft tissues of the lower leg. Most commonly, individuals will experience discomfort in the lower half of the inside of the lower limb.  This is associated with injury to the tissues of the Tibialis Posterior muscle. Others will experience discomfort in the upper half of the outside portion of the lower limb, associated with injury to the tissues of the Tibialis Anterior muscle. In both cases the onset of pain/discomfort will be gradual. Once the condition exists the pain/discomfort is likely to increase with activity and decrease with rest.


Causes of “shin splints” include improper training techniques, muscle imbalances, misalignment, and improper walking and running biomechanics, among others. Training techniques, which may lead to this condition, may include sudden increases in training duration or intensity without appropriate rest, changes in running surface, and changes in elevation (up/down hills). Muscle imbalances include atrophy (weakness) or tightness of the muscles in the front or back of the lower leg. Misalignment and incorrect biomechanics can occur at the ankle, knee, or hip joints. These might include pronation or supination of the foot and ankle joint, varus (bow-legged) or valgus (knock-kneed) angles at the knees, and internal rotation (toes in) or external rotation (toes out) resulting from changes at the hips.


“Shin splints” is a condition that is typically treated conservatively with rest, ice,  and anti-inflammatory medications. For many patients these treatments are not enough. Rest, ice, and medication are likely to decrease inflammation and discomfort, but not likely to address the issue(s) that caused the condition to begin with. Physical therapy may include modalities (ice, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound), strengthening and stretching focusing on specific muscles in your limbs, and static and dynamic balance drills to improve your stability. Education and home exercise programs are highly recommended adjuncts in most cases. But what if these treatments are not enough?


Dr. Dominic Lewis states, “If the stresses to the tibia are not reversed or controlled, a stress fracture can develop. Worse yet, if a stress fracture develops and is not treated adequately, a displaced fracture can potentially develop. This takes a problem that can be initially treated by a combination of rest, proper training and improved biomechanics, and progresses it to one that may require surgery. In my practice, shin splints is one of the more common presenting ailments for runners and other impact athletes. Early treatment almost unanimously results cure.”


At Ergodynamic, through a history and biomechanical analysis with one of our highly trained clinicians, we are able to identify the causes of your discomfort. Using our technologically advanced force plate we are able to see the position of your foot and the distribution of forces between your foot and the ground as you are walking. We are then able to analyze your walking and running patterns on a treadmill with multiple camera angles to help identify any mechanical issues at your ankles, hips, knees and spine.  Finally, we perform an evaluation of your posture, soft-tissue tenderness, strength, flexibility, and leg length.  We then use this data to come up with a plan for our patients to best meet their goals.


In the case of “shin splints” our recommendation for treatment will include one of our custom made orthotics. Our orthotics are designed to provide treatment in two forms. First, the orthotic will provide mechanical support, which will help to more equally distribute forces throughout the surface of the foot. Second, they will help train the patient from the ground up to improve the mechanics and alignment of their muscle and bones while they are walking and running. By improving the mechanics and alignment of the body we are addressing the cause(s) of the problem, rather than simply treating the effect(s). Over time this will improve overall posture, decrease muscle tightness and imbalance, improve efficiency and performance, and, most importantly, decrease pain and discomfort.  Welcome to a greater quality of life!

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The Flipthotic!


For insole/orthotic users the market can often be quite limited. At Ergodynamic, we offer you Flipthotic. The Flipthotic resembles a conventional flip-flop with the difference that it has a customized insole.

The Flipthotic is an extension of the treatment offered to our patients at Ergodynamic once an initial analysis has been performed.

The advantages and benefits of Flipthotics are many. You can wear these flip-flops while enjoying good weather and still have the best support for your feet. The customized insole will enhance our corrective treatment beyond that achieved with the orthotics in your shoes and sneakers.

Forget about conventional orthopedic sandals! Ergodynamic offers you the Flipthotic in a variety of bright colors which can be combined and customized to your liking.
So what are you waiting for? Try the Flipthotics now, which aid to correct your walking style for better health and improved quality of life.




Ergodynamic welcomes Chad Weller, a Miami-based ultra athlete and running coach

Ergodynamic would like to officially welcome Chad Weller to our team. Chad is one of South Florida’s rising stars in ultra marathons, as well as a running coach in our community. He competes in 50k, 50 mile, 100k, and 100 mile races in the US and internationally. In 2013 he finished his first 100 mile race, in the Florida Keys, and his first 100K, in Thailand, where he finished in the elite division (top 25%).

As a state champion High School athlete he learned that hard work pays off. It was a modeling career however, that lead to his current passion. While traveling to New York, L.A., Paris, Milan, and London Chad realized he could see much more of the city by foot than public transportation. When he wasn’t working, he would lace up his shoes and explore these cities. This was the beginning of what evolved into a training regimen, which ranges from 75 to 125 miles of running per week. Chad has now been an endurance runner for over 15 years and run in more than 100 races.

Chad is now a local South Florida resident.  In addition to competing he has been a running coach for 10 years, a vegan for 18 years, and a yoga enthusiast. His success has allowed him to start R U Running, where he trains runners, triathletes, rock climbers, and anyone inspired to work hard. It is his desire to inspire others that motivates him most and he hopes to continue doing so through his Ultra Marathon career.


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Improve your quality of life today!

Our waiting room is equipped with seating, TV, and magazines for our patients’ convenience. Cuban Coffee and water are available upon request.

Ergodynamic is a treatment center whose focus is the correction and training of the biomechanics of human movement. Every individual has unique deviations from “normal” balance and alignment. In many cases these deviations can overload our musculoskeletal system leaving us at greater risk for acute or chronic injury. With increased intensity and/or frequency of movement or exercise (running/sport-specific/recreational) the risk of injury grows. Ergodynamic can help you prevent and recover from injury and advise you on how to improve your performance.  Our intervention will extend your sporting life and enhance the comfort you experience in your daily routine.

Ergodynamic is a cutting edge sports performance biomechanical center composed of a professional team with an extensive professional background. Our clinicians offer customized treatments for each patient using the most advanced techniques in force plate technology, gait analysis, and musculoskeletal evaluation. Ergodynamic sees clients by appointment only, ensuring our prompt and undivided attention.

We would like to welcome you to our newly renovated clinic!